Dev Update 8: New cool progress!

Hey peeps,

This week we’ve been working on adding all the camera animations we have to the game. We have added all the weapons classes camera animations: walk, slash, stab, overhead and such.

We also fixed the temperature issue we had that was stopping it from calling, and it now works properly. We have also wrote the base script for natural disasters and added tornadoes! The tornado spawns at a certain area when it’s storming. and when it goes near a buildings/ a player it sucks it around it and if the player reaches the middle of it, it kills it. Even trees could be torn off their roots and fall down.

We added ragdolls to the game and added the ragdoll-death-camera mechanics. So, when you die you can actually see your ragdoll falls on first person. We also reworked a bit on the hit detection and made it a lot better and made the detection longer so you can actually feel the sword, and the sword’s length.

We have developed a massive new system which, in basic terms, is an AOI mechanism for trees. The way it works is that we leave the trees to be terrain trees but we create several sphere colliders that used as colliders for those trees around the player. that way instead of converting them all to terrain trees they will only be converted when you first hit them. In that way, we save a lot of overhead frame drops and we can have 20-30k trees a scene and even more without any significant fps impact. We also have a mechanic that gets the tree back to a terrain tree instance after several time has passed.

As you can see, the colliders snaps to the trees near me and that way we don’t need to convert them. We also use faked-entities instead of real networked entities for trees and that saves us tons of bandwidth. We have also started writing the basic mechanics for vehicles. We have made the client predicted movement, input polling and some of the basic–enter and exit vehicle mechanics.

We have added a generic DOT damage mechanic that will be used for fire damage and also added to the safe zone mechanics for the toxic fog. Toxic fog works very similarly to the way it works in H1Z1.

Furthemore, we completely removed the whole terrain collider and made it purely work on our tree AOI collision that way we can conserve lots of physics conflicts. And last but not least, a picture of our latest map development screenshot – the new sun. New Sun


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