Dev Update 7: Moving along quite nicely!

Hey peeps,

Sorry for the delayed update, we’ve been working on a lot of systems for the game in these past 2 weeks that we’re just dying to show you. First off, we have completely remade the building system. It is now more optimized and uses much less bandwidth than before. We also added to the building system the option to place buildings that don’t have conditions such as: looting boxes, traps, outside walls and so on. We have also finally added doors that generate keys once you craft a door in your inventory.

The person who has the key can unlock/lock the door, open it and also create a new key if he likes and give it to his friends. Naturally by clicking E while aiming at the door itself it will automatically open it if you have the key, for those fast getaways in your house.

We also added several new things to the building system. You can now barricade your windows with a “window barricade,” so you can prevent any nasty head shots while looking out of your window.

(Please excuse us for the sparkle effect, we’ll fix the material for the wall.)

Other than that, we have added draw and holster functionality and it allows a lot greater fluidity to the animations. We have also finally added the ability for players to fist fight alongside some new weapons.

We have also added new stuff to our crafting system. You can now specify the amount of output from an item. For example, when you craft an arrow, you can specify to build 4 arrows instead of one – should you have the materials to do so. We have also added crafting queue instead of the instant craft of before.

Loot now spawns randomly around the map and we also have a random airdrop caller. There will be a possibility of a maximum of 2 airdrops a day. We also converted arrows to be client sided with server-side corrections. Alongside that, we’ve improved some more networking stuff to give the clients a better feedback and reduce the latency effect as much as we can.

Other than that we also added the long awaited mechanics for tree cutting. It opens up for other gameplay mechanics like breaking rocks to garner more rocks, etc.

(WIP: This is going to change considerably and look much better from this preview).

Now, players can enter into caves through the terrain collider without it stopping you from entering. We also finally got the animator set up 90% so most/all of the animations are in place. All we need to do is just to put the weapons/new items in the player database and it will be added to the game.

We also did some more little things that finally adding flinch animations to the player when he is hit, fixing breathing bug underwater, added overlay texture when wearing a diving helmet, fixing the watch, disabled sprint swimming when diving, tweaked the hit detection to be more accurate. As well as other behind-the-scenes things that would make this development update blow up if we wrote them down. Here’s a preview of the new WIP cave Josh is working on with revamped lighting and finally with enlighten global illumination implemented!

Cave Entrance Lighting

We’d like to thank everyone that waited for the 2 weeks for this update, we’re still working on a lot of the core game mechanics for the game that we can’t wait to unveil on the next update. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements, especially if you’re one of the ones who got the pre-order because your call of duty is coming very near to test the game!


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