New Sun

Dev Update 8: New cool progress!

The latest development update that shows some of the newest game mechanics of the game. It entails the new camera animations, tornadoes implemented, toxic fog, and a new tree system that bumped up frame rate.

Cave Entrance Lighting

Dev Update 7: Moving along quite nicely!

In this update we disclose a lot more of the progress we've achieved in the past 2 weeks.

New Main Menu

Dev Update 6: Closer than ever!

The newest development update entailing what we've achieved this week. From the combat system to being practically complete to new major map changes. This update pushes us closer to our goal - to release the game.


Dev Update 5: I found the bunker!

A huge update entailing what we've achieved this week. Steam Integration, new map additions, and a whole lot more!


Dev Update 4: Moving forward!

We've been able to fix all the major networking bugs now and our big move to Unity 5!