What is The Final Stand?

The Final Stand is a relentless multiplayer experience in which competitors must fight to be the last survivor standing in an unpredictable, dynamic wilderness. Players will have to act on their instincts and react quickly to unforeseeable circumstances to gain the advantage against their opponents in a gritty fight to the death.

Survival-Combat Multiplayer

We are striving to create a new multiplayer experience that is above all things competitive, fun and rewarding. Setting The Final Stand apart from other titles is the focus on balance between survival skills and combat prowess. Thinking and analyzing circumstances on the run is critical to your success as a competitor!

The ability to anticipate and prepare for combat is just as important as your skill in wielding the weapons themselves. Enemy combatants are, of course, dangerous…but the wilderness and organic environment around you is just as big of a threat as the opponents out for your blood.

Your capacity to think outside the box and survive off the land itself will lend you an edge in the competition as you fight other players to be the last combatant standing!

Character Customization

The Final Stand will emphasize personal preference as players will be able to personalize their characters’ appearances to their liking. Aspects such as height, build, hairstyles, hair color, and facial features will be customizable to the player’s desire.

Players will also develop their characters’ combat and survival skills by customizing their abilities as they gain experience on the battlefield. Players will be able to improve on other skills and unlock new capabilities by experiencing battle, training in the village, and winning matches.


Players will brave temperate woodlands or the icy bane of winter depending on the wilderness they contend in. The weather and situational circumstances in The Final Stand are utterly unpredictable, and combatants can use the environmental changes to tilt the odds in their favor. Day will turn to night, rain may fall from heavy clouds, violent tornadoes can form, and even meteors can rocket downward from the skies and strike the earth.

Participants in The Final Stand will also have to contend with the wildlife inhabiting the fighting grounds. Deer and rabbits may give away a combatant’s position, while bears stalk ominously through the wilderness, not to be trifled with.

Random supply drops can spell either blessings or disaster for combatants. Players in dire need of aid may find the drop crates supremely rewarding…but will securing the contents be worth risking one’s life? It all comes down to who’s more desperate to survive.

To be effective in the Games, players will have to stay consistently aware of their surroundings. The environment and nature itself may at times be far more dangerous than the other combatants.

Skills and Abilities

Players will be able to tailor and hone their characters’ abilities to best suit their personal preferences. Survival skills like crafting, climbing, sliding, hunting, fishing, and even trapping can be implemented in an attempt to gain an advantage on the battlefield. A player becomes more proficient with certain weaponry (such as axes, hammers, or bows and arrows) the more they use the weapon. Players can learn to strike faster with weapons to gain an edge over opponents. In the heat of battle, the smallest instant can mean life or death.

Natural resources in the environment, such as wood and stone, can be utilized to craft makeshift weapons, equipment. Traps can be built to snare and kill enemies. Campfires can be used to cook food to prevent food poisoning. If a player can gather the required materials, even a glider can be constructed to swiftly travel across long distances.

Game System

The Final Stand looks to capture the ferocious and raw nature of survival action with a first-person view of the experience. Players must stay focused, alert, and prepared for the unexpected. Featuring a realistic and satisfying combat system to fuel the competitive grit of The Final Stand, players will learn to endure tension and fight with precision, as locational damage can result in bone-jarring hits and even fatal bleeding from wounds sustained in combat.

Kill or be killed. Anticipate. React. Fight.

Only one will remain standing. Will you be the victor?