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A push to a new focus!

Hey gang! 

Things are moving along smoothly. We held a stress test this weekend with the community, we discovered some unexpected issues in our latest playthrough of the game and getting those problems fixed. After some problems in the code are fixed things should be coming along even quicker and we're moving to a new network engine.

So, we're completely redesigning our UI. We’re going for something more minimalist, functional and intuitive. While rustic, our last design wasn't as appealing, and what our artist has come up with is really exciting!

We have a new craftable bow and arrow, simpler than others, but just as functionable. We've also added a craftable Molotov Cocktail to the arsenal!
Craftable Bow and Arrow
[Image: X82rHX2.png]

Craftable Moltov Cocktail (there will be a different variation in-game)
[Image: pOyzYDA.png]

Below we've got the gallows which have been recently updated!
[Image: FqUFDFB.png]

You can also see the nightvision goggles we're including, an underwater suit and a gasmask!
Gas Mask
[Image: t6ypb7k.jpg]

Night Vision Goggles
[Image: J1Qiqev.jpg]

Underwater Suit
[Image: 0TLrB9C.jpg]

This certainly isn't all we're hoping to develop for the game, and we want to include some more heavy duty craftable weapons that affect the player’s environments - through chemical emissions or otherwise.

In the weeks to come, we're going to be focusing on getting the pre-alpha out. A lot of kinks have been smoothed out, but a lot of energy still has to be committed to the coding of the pre-alpha of The Final Stand. There won't be much pushing forward, and rather work on the pre-alpha.

As always, we have to thank you for sticking by us during the production of The Final Stand. Without dedicated fans like yourselves none of this would be possible.

Posted on Thursday, November 20th 2014 - 6:16pm EST | by Hadey Mohammed

A New Update - We're getting closer!

Hey guys! 

Its been really, really productive these past three weeks. Our new coder’s been working really hard, and after the play test earlier this week, on the development end, we’ve been able to pinpoint areas that need work. With those out of the way, soon we should be able to get things moving a lot faster! Our new coder had to restart from scratch but has made the game’s code a lot smoother and less vulnerable to hacking. He’s been doing daily updates on the forums which you can check out for more in depth updates! http://thefinalstandgame.com/forums/foru...php?fid=24

The coder has completed many systems for the game and if you'd like to input your idea to improve on it, let him know on the forums.

We've been working on optimizing the game so it could be run on most specs and hardwares as well as completing the game. The release date should be announced officially 2-3 weeks from now when we’ve got all the kinks smoothed out and features coded. Right now we’re also we’re trying to wrap up the pre-alpha for release for all the those who pre-ordered.

We got a lot done in the other aspects of development as well like new hairstyles, new weapons, and some new craftables as well.
[Image: E9Ugji9.jpg]

[Image: iDF2Gu4.jpg]

[Image: BKo032D.jpg]

[Image: 2rBQow8.jpg]

[Image: 3VX0lBl.png]

Craftable Wall
[Image: tQl5ai1.png]

Craftable Watch Tower
[Image: Qe7Kio3.png]

Remember to join the forums to keep up with daily updates and keep in touch with the developers! Thanks again for sticking with us, and we're going to keep pushing forward so we release a decent game for your enjoyment.


Posted on Tuesday, October 28th 2014 - 9:25pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

What's been up

Hey peeps,

This week has been hectic. And I do mean hectic. Its been dramatic, emotional and definitely very stressful. Our team has gotten a real blow from the failure of delivering it to you guys this week but it’s not their fault. I’m not here to point fingers at anyone or call this as a viable “excuse” as we’ve failed to meet previous release dates before and I’d like to personally apologize -- but it has to do with our programmer this time.

So, what happened this time? What has caused you guys not to release it by now, isn’t it playable at this point? Yes, it’s playable at this point. But the problem is that in the process of transferring the project over and getting a build to Steam. 

Our programmer got a power outage that took his power out and caused him to disappear this whole week. This update, I made sure our programmer verified the update, made sure we had plenty of time to make changes for you guys to play it and have all weekend for youtuber’s “let’s plays.”

The weather in his area was unexpected and in turn caused us not to release. We awaited all week hoping that he’d get back online but he never did and even waited until Sunday in case it was like a “last day” sort of thing. 

It was failure on my part for not putting up extra precautions in case these things happened. I’d like to apologize on behalf of our team for not putting it in your hands on it this week but we’ll wait until next week, his weather should clear up by then and he’ll be back online. We’ll keep you guys posted on it. 
Now, I want to address our public relations with the fans so far. And to be honest, it has been terrible. We literally haven’t met any release deadlines, we quite rarely update you guys and we haven’t been as active on our forums as I’ve expected us to be. It’s something we’re going to change from now on and will put other team members on there to put daily feed on what they’re doing. It’s a change that’s for the good and keeps you guys behind the scenes with us and with us. 

Like you’ve noticed, we have many challenges and we’re always trying our best to overcome those challenges like release dates and updates. It’s something that we as an indie fell a victim of. I did say I’d fix it before but I’ve clearly repeated the same problem again. This time, I want to assure you guys that the next update is the promised date with a specific day on it. I will be 250% sure with a playable build on the beta backend on Steam to ensure we never fall into this issue again and we will from this point on, be more active on the forums, strive for an update once every two weeks, and make the next update the final early pre-alpha release date.

You may ask then when is it coming now? To be honest, I would guess around next week but it may be a few weeks after that if we run into some major problems . I will do an update in the next week of what we’re planning on and give you guys an official release date but we will not keep you guys waiting for too long. This is a valuable lesson for our team and we will ensure that we will never fall into this issue again, we will take precautionary standards from now on and strive to be more active.

I want to thank all the fans that support us day and night, cheer for us, stood with us, that were patient with us. You guys are what push us to move forward in making this game truly amazing! We couldn’t have done all that we have done without your support, the whole team is grateful to still have you guys despite the fact that we pushed the release date several times. The last thing we want is to be recognized as a team full of lies with false release dates and a problematic public relations with our fans. We’re going to fix that and we will make it up to you guys when you see that the wait was worth it. We cherish your support and we never want to lose it! The team would like to thank you for your continued support and would like to let you guys know we will push harder to put the game in your hands and making it better!

Some updates on our progress below:
New animals to be expected in the early pre-alpha release
[Image: BEyfCEj.jpg]

Craftable loot sack for the donkeys (you can ride donkeys)
[Image: ai5aNTu.jpg]

[Image: 3JvLIVA.jpg]

Your friend underwater
[Image: AxC5gWD.jpg]

2 hander
[Image: XYWxyr8.jpg]

New Map
[Image: IpPEcLf.jpg]

Posted on Sunday, September 28th 2014 - 10:16pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

Delay Notice

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you, our fans for your continued dedication and support. It means a lot to the team to still have you guys around.

Since our last update, we have been unbelievably busy with The Final Stand. We have great ambitions for this game and are confident that we will deliver a product that provides everything you want in the genre - alongside features that have never been seen before. As a team we all agree that quality comes first and our primary objective is to create a world that exceeds all expectations.

We’ve got new weapons in store as well as a watch that will be featured - one that each player will be equipped with. Some new craftable items have been added as well! A number of structures are now buildable!
[Image: kTBuyfA.jpg]

[Image: VFu1SJo.png]

[Image: rAzJ9iy.png]

Craftable syringe:
[Image: PMDXHAC.jpg]

Craftable boat fishing net:
[Image: YEaj52b.jpg]

New view of the map:
[Image: wZAFKMD.jpg]

New craftable structures:
[Image: 313eX5m.jpg]

TFS also has new character customization options - facepaints and new hairstyles!
[Image: LYcQR9W.jpg]

[Image: vIS0ZRS.jpg]

New watch:
[Image: wFogewG.jpg]

With that being said, we’ve come to the conclusion that it would best to delay the game for a later release next week to the people that pre-ordered and right after to Steam. We know that this may be disappointing news but do understand that it is a necessary step in the development process. We value quality very highly and wouldn’t want to release a game that isn’t up to our own standards - or yours. 

*Disclaimer: keep in mind the game is still in the very early pre-alpha stage with missing features and bugs. It's not bound to be perfect and we're looking for feedback on how to better improve the game and push it further. 

Again, we at Hella Games Entertainment would like to thank you all for your continued support. Without you, this project would not be possible, if our fans are interested in extending their support please check out the pre-alpha buying option! You can learn more about it here. All revenue goes towards the production and development of this game - giving our fans a chance to help move things along!

Posted on Monday, September 15th 2014 - 7:22pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

A new update!

Hey everyone!

We’ve made another set of huge steps in these past two weeks - and much of it is thanks not only to a dedicated team but to you, our fans. 

We’d like to thank the 30+ people who have placed pre-orders on the game. While it is not yet enough to get the release happening this summer, its helped tremendously and we are overly grateful for your support! Whoever pre-ordered as it’s still open will play the game as soon as it’s ready which should be around early September, I’d recommend anyone to pre-order now before it’s closed when the gameplay videos are released. We’re planning to release some gameplay teasers for you all. But remember, spots for pre-orders are still open so don’t forget to remind those who haven’t yet placed an order!

If for whatever reason the game is delayed, everyone who has placed a pre-order will have access to the game as soon as its been uploaded to Steam. So, rest assured, all who have placed pre-orders will not regret it.

A lot of features have been changed and added, we have been fleshing out concepts and adding new ones. Many new documents have been added to the GDD which will help streamline production and get the functioning build out faster and more productively.

A hunting and looting system is now in place and soon will be put into the prototype! We’re also working on a functioning crafting system that will be featured in the alpha release! The UI for this is already in place and the rest of it is well under way.

We have some modeled hang gliders that will be in the game, and the beginnings of a grappling hook that will also be featured! On top of this, we have a brand new bow - modeled already as well! There are more exciting new weapons. We also have some new boats which variation of the boat do you think we should use?
Boat Variation 1:
[Image: Msd1DrD.jpg]

Boat Variation 2:
[Image: XpGKcDX.jpg]

Incendiary arrow:
[Image: orAJ7NN.jpg]

Hang Glider:
[Image: jw8fOIM.jpg]

New weapons: 
[Image: eiMRrME.jpg]

[Image: hIMxSys.jpg]

[Image: KjobQF2.jpg]

Basic melee combat - punching, dodging, idle - has been animated as well! We've implemented craftable parachutes and teepees as well!

[Image: 5isLR7p.jpg]

[Image: 1ye0U1n.png]

[Image: YLTVwji.jpg]

We’ve been moving along really well these past few weeks since opening up pre-ordering and the amazing stuff is about to start being featured. Though this update didn’t have what you guys expected - gameplay - we hope it sheds some light on what this game can offer and how far its come from what it was before! We do apologize for the short update, but at the moment we’re doing everything we can to make this game playable. Also don't forget to check out our new Reddit page, give us some feedback what you think about it! http://www.reddit.com/r/thefinalstand

So, thank you for your time reading these, next update, we hope, will be something that makes you jump from your underwear. 

Posted on Tuesday, August 5th 2014 - 4:19pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed