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Delay Notice

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you, our fans for your continued dedication and support. It means a lot to the team to still have you guys around.

Since our last update, we have been unbelievably busy with The Final Stand. We have great ambitions for this game and are confident that we will deliver a product that provides everything you want in the genre - alongside features that have never been seen before. As a team we all agree that quality comes first and our primary objective is to create a world that exceeds all expectations.

We’ve got new weapons in store as well as a watch that will be featured - one that each player will be equipped with. Some new craftable items have been added as well! A number of structures are now buildable!
[Image: kTBuyfA.jpg]

[Image: VFu1SJo.png]

[Image: rAzJ9iy.png]

Craftable syringe:
[Image: PMDXHAC.jpg]

Craftable boat fishing net:
[Image: YEaj52b.jpg]

New view of the map:
[Image: wZAFKMD.jpg]

New craftable structures:
[Image: 313eX5m.jpg]

TFS also has new character customization options - facepaints and new hairstyles!
[Image: LYcQR9W.jpg]

[Image: vIS0ZRS.jpg]

New watch:
[Image: wFogewG.jpg]

With that being said, we’ve come to the conclusion that it would best to delay the game for a later release next week to the people that pre-ordered and right after to Steam. We know that this may be disappointing news but do understand that it is a necessary step in the development process. We value quality very highly and wouldn’t want to release a game that isn’t up to our own standards - or yours. 

*Disclaimer: keep in mind the game is still in the very early pre-alpha stage with missing features and bugs. It's not bound to be perfect and we're looking for feedback on how to better improve the game and push it further. 

Again, we at Hella Games Entertainment would like to thank you all for your continued support. Without you, this project would not be possible, if our fans are interested in extending their support please check out the pre-alpha buying option! You can learn more about it here. All revenue goes towards the production and development of this game - giving our fans a chance to help move things along!

Posted on Monday, September 15th 2014 - 7:22pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

A new update!

Hey everyone!

We’ve made another set of huge steps in these past two weeks - and much of it is thanks not only to a dedicated team but to you, our fans. 

We’d like to thank the 30+ people who have placed pre-orders on the game. While it is not yet enough to get the release happening this summer, its helped tremendously and we are overly grateful for your support! Whoever pre-ordered as it’s still open will play the game as soon as it’s ready which should be around early September, I’d recommend anyone to pre-order now before it’s closed when the gameplay videos are released. We’re planning to release some gameplay teasers for you all. But remember, spots for pre-orders are still open so don’t forget to remind those who haven’t yet placed an order!

If for whatever reason the game is delayed, everyone who has placed a pre-order will have access to the game as soon as its been uploaded to Steam. So, rest assured, all who have placed pre-orders will not regret it.

A lot of features have been changed and added, we have been fleshing out concepts and adding new ones. Many new documents have been added to the GDD which will help streamline production and get the functioning build out faster and more productively.

A hunting and looting system is now in place and soon will be put into the prototype! We’re also working on a functioning crafting system that will be featured in the alpha release! The UI for this is already in place and the rest of it is well under way.

We have some modeled hang gliders that will be in the game, and the beginnings of a grappling hook that will also be featured! On top of this, we have a brand new bow - modeled already as well! There are more exciting new weapons. We also have some new boats which variation of the boat do you think we should use?
Boat Variation 1:
[Image: Msd1DrD.jpg]

Boat Variation 2:
[Image: XpGKcDX.jpg]

Incendiary arrow:
[Image: orAJ7NN.jpg]

Hang Glider:
[Image: jw8fOIM.jpg]

New weapons: 
[Image: eiMRrME.jpg]

[Image: hIMxSys.jpg]

[Image: KjobQF2.jpg]

Basic melee combat - punching, dodging, idle - has been animated as well! We've implemented craftable parachutes and teepees as well!

[Image: 5isLR7p.jpg]

[Image: 1ye0U1n.png]

[Image: YLTVwji.jpg]

We’ve been moving along really well these past few weeks since opening up pre-ordering and the amazing stuff is about to start being featured. Though this update didn’t have what you guys expected - gameplay - we hope it sheds some light on what this game can offer and how far its come from what it was before! We do apologize for the short update, but at the moment we’re doing everything we can to make this game playable. Also don't forget to check out our new Reddit page, give us some feedback what you think about it! http://www.reddit.com/r/thefinalstand

So, thank you for your time reading these, next update, we hope, will be something that makes you jump from your underwear. 

Posted on Tuesday, August 5th 2014 - 4:19pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

A huge update and pre-ordering has finally opened!

Dear supporters and fans, The Final Stand is another step towards its alpha release!

We understand that this has been said before, but it must be understood that every drawback is 100% necessary. Rather than rushing a game, the TFS team strongly believes in releasing a fun multiplayer game. Perhaps it won’t be perfect, but we are doing our best to make it as enjoyable as possible.

We want a multiplayer experience unlike any other, a game that's fun, replayable and fun for hours on end.

Truth is game development takes time. We're not funded by anyone except a passionate team that works tirelessly on the game, using our own pocket money. We've refused to part take in any publishers, though we could easily get one; and that's because we want to make the game with our own creativity and passion. Not for the money, that's the last thing we do anything for, is money. 

Now, we'd like to thank the fans for genuinely caring about the game. A lot of indie developers fall into the same hole: they fail to update the fans. And TFS is not exempt from this. That is our biggest mistake we do because we spend our time focusing on the development of the game rather than giving updates. We apologize for this, and more communication between the team and our fans is another change we are going to implement now.

Again, thank you for bearing with us. We, the team, would like to apologize for any inconvenience to anyone and we certainly hope that you stick around for future updates! We are planning on releasing weekly blurbs on features that have been finished and other new exciting developments that are happening.

Its your support that helps us keep going, and we’re so grateful to have you at our side. We'll also be pushing out updates much more consistently now, updating our forums more frequently, so come register and join the discussions!

The new estimated release date is between August and September - based on the support from the community.

We’ve added a number of new and exciting features. The crafting feature has been dramatically revamped. There are new, craftable boats, structures, even traps, clothing and armor, weapons and tools including a craftable ghillie suit:
Craftable Boat:
[Image: PoVjPlr.jpg]

[Image: GxRFpyp.jpg]

[Image: QeEDmwn.jpg]

[Image: uzAIwd7.jpg]

[Image: cGnD7si.jpg]

[Image: Wl9ES2K.jpg]

Craftable Raft:
[Image: IAr0DM0.jpg]

[Image: hiWhq58.jpg]

Craftable Ghillie Suit:
[Image: Uu61Lc3.jpg]

[Image: utsEA2F.jpg]

Craftable Traps:
[Image: O8lFjgN.png]

[Image: LlwiY7k.png]

New materials have been added to create these and make this feature much more intriguing as well as realistic. On top of this, our health/damage system is being fleshed out, and many new animations and models have been completed. There has been a ton of progress on our map as well. 
[Image: jvPMihQ.jpg]

[Image: heCe598.jpg]

[Image: 3QxjRhZ.jpg]

[Image: WQ8PU4d.jpg]

Supply Drop Crate:
[Image: LLWU4xf.jpg]

Some other awesome features are being worked on right now and will be announced very soon!

As mentioned before, you guys are the ones who keep us going. Which brings us to our next exciting announcement: the opening spot for pre-orders. Not only would this give you all a chance to try out The Final Stand, but it’d make way for a whole bunch of new features and a much faster development process! 

All proceeds go towards making this game possible, meaning, if there are enough pre-launch orders, that pushes the release date to early August or even at the end of this month!

What does this pre-launch get you? Well, an exclusive forum title and earlier access to the pre-alpha before everyone else and at the lowest price - certainly, as the game gets closer to its final stages, the price rises, so 14.99 is a great deal. It even gives you access to the alpha, beta and the full launch of the game. What are you waiting for? Pre-order now: http://thefinalstandgame.com/pre-order
[Image: XxHPiZZ.jpg]

While we’re at it, we’ll point you towards another exciting indie game called Arms Dealer - an exciting PC game centered around smuggling. Check it out, they’re great devs that care about making an awesome game like we do: https://www.facebook.com/ArmsDealertheGame.

A lot has been happening during these past few weeks and a lot of it is thanks to not only our dedicated team but the fan’s support. If things keep moving along as they have, we’ll very soon make it to the finish line together.

Again, thank you all for your support, we can’t wait to share this game with you! Don’t forget to spread the news about the pre-order of this game, any support will help us achieve launch faster with more game features!



Posted on Saturday, July 19th 2014 - 1:03am EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

Updates on Progress and more news!

We have another refreshing update for you. Our progress has been vastly exponential in its growth. As we inch ever closer to pre-alpha release, we are implementing new concepts; these concepts will immerse the player even deeper into already enveloping gameplay. We have brought various clothing and multiple weapons to life.
Here is a sample of clothing we have added:
[Image: gBj5xK4.jpg]

[Image: 1bigyMn.jpg]

As for weapons, we’ll give you a sample of a brutal two-handed hammer:
[Image: ad6mo6R.jpg]

[Image: wq66xva.jpg]

Other than weapons and clothing, our concept artist has drawn out some creative concepts for traps:
[Image: y7Hwtpi.jpg?1]

[Image: iB8ebRN.jpg?1]

These traps and other concepts presented are but small samples of what we’re preparing. We want the player to have plenty of customizability, as well as tactical freedom.
[Image: g5P9hYw.jpg?1]

Expect to see these, and much more when we release pre-alpha next month. We had originally planned for this month, but we wanted to add and fix so much more. We are impatiently excited for release, we’re seriously looking forward to your feedback. Unfortunately, we have to be patient, and we ask you to be patient alongside with us. We cherish your support and we wouldn’t want to lose you! You won’t regret it.

Now that that’s been said, we have some great news! There was news last time that we have joined up with Alienware to expand our support. Alienware has decided to host a giveaway for our supporters in honor of our cooperation and your support.
[Image: Ml0HI5Q.jpg?1]
Free stuff! 10,000 access keys will be given away in the form of items in the game. Details on signing up for it will be revealed at a later date and the winners will be randomly selected.

We are striving to bring you as many updates as possible without spoiling gameplay, and will continue to do so. Though our patience to bring The Final Stand to you remains tested, we would still like to keep the element of surprise intact, so not every detail will be divulged. Are you ecstatic about what we have already shown and informed?—good! Because this is the tip of the iceberg, friends.

Follow along with us on our website so we can update and inform you at http://www.thefinalstandgame.com.
A new gameplay trailer will be released soon on our YouTube channel, so amp your anticipation up for that! http://www.youtube.com/user/HellaGEntertainment


Posted on Thursday, June 12th 2014 - 6:03pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed

Exciting News!

Finally, now we’re back in the public eye. A lot of people have asked if we are dead in development and they wanted a resurrection. Well we weren’t resurrected, that would suggest that we were dead in the first place. Rest assured that life has been bustling within Hella Games Entertainment and The Final Stand. We’ve been unbelievably busy, and for that we owe an apology to our supporters and fans. We would have kept up to speed with updates for you, but we are a small team that prefer to present large updates to prevent lost time. Here’s what’s going on with us now-

Pre-alpha is set to release on Steam very soon. We haven’t pushed for release because we’re constantly adding new features to the game and bug fixing. There is a huge amount of content we are working with before we want to give a release, including new maps, clothing, and weaponry. We’d much rather extend the time and give you a more immersive and smooth game than release it sooner to give you a less enjoyable version of everything we’ve worked hard for. We’re aiming for release in early to late June.

[Image: TslalKP.jpg]

[Image: YyAYMBX.jpg]

[Image: qolFrPr.jpg]

[Image: dc0M7Ax.jpg]

[Image: PzMwq60.jpg]

We will also put out a new gameplay video of new gameplay soon. Stay tuned on the Hella Games Entertainment YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/HellaGEntertainment
Also, we have other big news! Famous for their top-notch custom gaming desktops and laptops, Alienware has decided to team up with us to help widen our array of publicity and bring everyone the best gaming experience the market has to offer.

This is good news for all involved, as Alienware’s generosity allows us gamers to maximize our experience with grandiose first-rate specs. The strong bond exhibited between ourselves and Alienware allows us to persue our mission to better serve ardent PC gamers.

Each of us is in the business of pushing the envelope in gaming. Needless to say, our common goal is to bring out the best in gaming, which has brought us together.

In The Final Stand, we give you the power and ability to slaughter your foes in various ways to your heart's content, all while doing so in entrancing environments. If you want to experience these at their pinnacle potential, coupled with ultra settings and seamless gameplay, then an Alienware PC is perfect for you. As we build upon our alluring environments and deepen our combat system, you might decide to experience everything in all of its glory.
Our game is meant to bring gamers a limitless and infinitely enjoyable experience, but sadly, we can't provide the details that superior specs or a gaming PC can. We can only contribute to the features of a maxed out PC. If you are unhappy with your general gaming experience because of your PC, or just want the zenith settings that gaming should have, that's where Alienware comes in. By no means do you need an Alienware PC to enjoy The Final Stand. We have designed this game to bring out a gamer's deepest delights, but an Alienware PC has the ability to further the ecstasy, whether you're playing The Final Stand or another game of your choosing. Still, it only makes sense that we would come together to bring you an unforgettable gem that you won't want to miss."

[Image: vGdgWHS.jpg]

Posted on Sunday, May 25th 2014 - 3:33pm EDT | by Hadey Mohammed